Saturday, 2 April 2016

Let's Learn to Sew

Over the last few weeks I have been working towards my goal to teach sewing. It is a good feeling to get to the point where you reach your goal and you can start to take in students. Last weekend was spent constructing tables and putting them into position. 
I now have 4 machines placed nicely in front of a window so they get good light.

I managed to get a table that I could join onto my original standing table and it will be perfect for cutting out garments on. 

I spent sometime this week reading the manual for the Juki domestic machines and I enjoyed learning how this machine works. I was surprised as this little machine even has feed dogs that drop down so you can free motion quilt!

Over the last few weeks I have been putting together items that would be perfect for a beginner to start sewing. When you have been sewing for many years its about taking yourself right back to the beginning and Shea Henderson's book School of Sewing helped me a lot. The sewing library is slowly building and so far it has a pillow case, a lined drawstring bag, a lined tote bag and an easy fit skirt, which is A line and has an elastic waist. 

I have now added in what I called the Scrubs P.J's. They are elastic waisted shorts and a no-sleeve top, which could also be made into a fashion garment. I have other garments that I am now looking forward to working on for the library.

The class schedule is on the sewing classes page. 

Have a great week.


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Saturday, 12 March 2016

2016 Direction for Heathers Sewing Room

Last year I did really well in finishing a lot of UFO projects which was one of my goals with my return to Singapore to live. As the year ended I thought hard about where my creative life should be heading. I have always been involved with sewing as I came from a family where sewing and creating items with your hands was a part of daily living. I really enjoyed being involved in the clothing industry as a career because I love fabric, colour and designing, therefore this was an area I wanted to be more involved in. 

In order to work in Singapore I needed to register a business so I achieved this before the Christmas break. After spending time in New Zealand I have been able to return and start planning my sewing class to teach people the art of sewing, hoping they will experience the joy I have had over the years of being able to design and sew my own clothes.

A pillow case

A lined drawstring bag

A lined Tote Bag

An Easy Fit Skirt

Over the last week I have put together some projects which work well for people wanting to learn to sew. 

Now I am onto setting up my sewing room with sewing machines and a cutting table, therefore I feel like I am nearly there for the opening of my business.

Have a great week.


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