Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Result of a Workshop with Noriko Endo

Recently I had the opportunity to spend 2 days in a workshop with Noriko Endo as she travelled from Japan to spend time teaching in Singapore and parts of Asia. The workshop taught us how to make a quilt based on nature through her 'confetti' method.

I started by laying a backing fabric down with a piece of cotton batting on top. Using my photo from a visit to the Dandenong mountains, I started cutting fabric up into small slithers and virtually used them as paint to cover the area.

I started with the background and layered the piece.

The piece was covered with black mesh fabric and quilted heavily in a mono-filament thread to hold all the fabric secure. 

The quilt was then quilted with decorative thread.

Noriko's book, Confetti Naturscapes, is full of pictures from her award winning work.

Noriko with some of the class before we left after our 2 day workshop. I named my quilt Dandenong Walk.

Have a great week



  1. Wow! What a fantastic opportunity. Your work (and the that of the others in your picture) is breathtaking. I hope you make more of these.

  2. What an interesting new technique. How on earth did you manage to get everything under the machine without disturbing your composition. If I understand it right, you only put the mesh fabric on top, you didn't iron it down or something? In any case, the result is a stunning piece of art; well done!

  3. That's a very interesting technique, I am intrigue, the result is fabulous!

  4. Beautiful and so detailed.