Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Making a Highland Avenue House

Recently I tested a pattern for Sara from Radiant Home Studio. The pattern is called Highland Avenue House and it is a decorative pillow. 

I thought about where I could put this pillow in my home before I chose the fabrics to make the pillow. I felt that it would brighten up my guest room so I looked in my stash and chose fabrics to compliment the decor of this room.

I used Misty Fuse to appliqué the windows, doors and heart onto the house. I did not do raw edge appliqué as on Sara's pattern and chose to turn under the edges and then machine stitch the pieces down.

Highland Avenue House pattern is now for sale on Sara's web site, Radiant Home Studio.

Have a great week

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Jungle Pottery Completed

It was many years ago that a group of quilting girls sat around a table with a pattern called The Blue Collection from Maggie Walker Designs. As we were living in Asia, working with this quilt seemed to cement our love for the pottery that we saw on a regular basis. There was a lot of work in this quilt and a massive amount if you decided to hand appliqué the entire quilt!

We all started out enthusiastically working on each pottery jar block, enjoying our search for the right fabric for each piece of pottery.

This project got packed away as my home moved, and it came out again once I returned to Asia with a promise that I WILL get these blocks into a quilt.

I took the original pattern and altered it to make it something I was happy with. 

I decided to make the tree more of a  feature in this quilt. I walk past these trees as I go through the park.

My plan was to go into the park and take a photo of the quilt. Unfortunately for the last month this has been the view out of my sewing room window. Smoke haze from the land clearing that takes place every year in Sumartra Indonesia. 

This is the view from my sewing room on a good day.

Now Jungle Pottery can find a place on my wall so that it can be enjoyed with all its memories. 

Jungle Pottery quilt size is 57" (143cm) x 61" (155cm)
Background - machine pieced
Applique - machine
Quilting - free motion

Jungle Pottery is a Q3 finish with Adrianne from On the Windy Side.

Have a great week