Sunday, 12 July 2015

Heathers Sewing Room - Where Bloggers Create 2015

Welcome to Heathers Sewing Room and the 7th Annual Where Bloggers Create Festival, hosted by My Desert Cottage. Come on in to my creative space. This is where I mostly make quilts, design and sew clothes, create boxes of all shapes and sizes, and design and make bags. Living as an expat means, I feel that nothing is permanent, so I work with the space that I have knowing it all needs to move when the time arises.

With children no longer living at home it enables me to have a whole room to create in :) This is the room as I enter through the door.

A trip to the Ikea store allowed me to purchase a good selection of tables to work on. With adjustable legs on the tables I was able to set the table height that worked for the situation. 

Putting the tables at arms length always means I have places to put items as I work.

 Being under a window with my standing table means I get good daylight.

I like all my tools out on my table so I gathered containers and covered them to suit my needs.

The chest of drawers is for fat quarter fabric storage

A place for displaying handmade items and inspirational hangings

I have always liked this saying and I managed to find a plaque at a market in London.

I thought this was a great piece of inspiration so I printed it out, pasted it to card stock and framed it with papers from my stash

The room has a double wardrobe that I use for storage

I removed the hanger rail and put in an extra shelf.

On one wall I made a design area. Clicking here will take you to the tutorial of how I made the design wall.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy visiting the 7th Annual Where Bloggers Create.
Click Here to go to My Desert Rose and see her amazing creative space, then scroll to the bottom to visit all the participants. 
Have fun
Have a great week


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  1. Hi Heather,
    What a nice roomy space you have to be creative in. I love how much natural light comes in. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  2. How great to have all of that open table space for quilting, Heather! Very nice! Happy Creating, Cindy

  3. What a beautiful light-filled room, and how fabulous to have all those tables. Wishing you much joy in creating.

  4. I needed to hear the quote you printed out today especially. Thanks for the tour and for the uplifting quote as well!

  5. In our former, much larger home, I was able to leave my sewing machine up all the time and had a table for cutting. I gave that up to move to a little beach cottage. I must say I am a bit envious.

  6. Fabulous studio Heather. Heaps of natural light and bench space. It's perfect for all sorts of crafty days. I love the camera saying too. Thanks so much for the tour. Karen,x

  7. I love the open brightness of your studio and the quilt on your design board is fabulous!!!!! Love your handmade treasure area too, some really unique pieces. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Great space. I love the blue and yellow quilt. Thanks for joining the party and inviting us over!
    Have a good Wednesday.

  9. Hi Heather! Love your sewing room! All that natural light is wonderful. I am also really fascinated by the quilt on your design board. It is amazing!! Thank you so much for joining the party and letting us all have a peak inside!

  10. It's obvious I'm running late to the party, but I am so glad to be here now. I couldn’t miss this opportunity to see your incredible sewing studio. I was in awe of the tables and how the different heights came together as a cohesive unit. That was quite clever. I also like your fabric storage area. I don't have enough yardage to keep mine like that, but I was impressed with yours. Thanks for sharing your incredible sewing area and your quilt you have on your design wall.

  11. Hi Heather, I like your beautiful sewing room space and tables are also very fantastic. This is very wonderful images and I love it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful sewing area and your cover that you have on your design partition.

  12. You have such a lovely bright space. I love all of your work surfaces; lots of places to spread your work out:) I especially like that plague with the camera and the poem . . .so encouraging:)
    Thank you . . . I needed that this morning:)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  13. My, do you have a beautifully organized space! You have great natural light, and have thought out your work flow, too. I have never thought of, and like, your idea for a display area of your own work. I have only ever used my studio for me, but as my business develops and clients may by visiting, I need to rethink the organization. Very inspiring for me to see your ideas. Thank you.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  14. You have a hoge room and so well organised. Thanks for showing. I can only dream of such a sewing room. I hope you have a lot of fun sewing in this room!!!