Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Gift box for Quilting Blocks

The time had arrived for one of our girls in our Tuesday Quilting Group to leave and return to her home in the USA. As a farewell gift the girls in the group all made an appliqué quilt block and I made a box for the blocks to sit inside. This was a good way to store them and also a great way to 'gift wrap' the blocks.

I made the box 13" square so the 12 1/2" blocks could lay flat in the box. The box is covered with batik fabric.

I traced the outline of the appliqué onto fabric and using my machine I free motioned the design. This was then glued to the lid of the box.

Ribbon was used in the base to secure the blocks in place.

Here are some of the blocks that the girls hand appliquéd.

Have a great week.



  1. Beautiful blocks and even more beautiful box! What a wonderful leaving gift, she will treasure it forever.

  2. What a fantastic way to say good-bye. The box and blocks are beautiful. I love a gift that brings back memories everytime you see or use it.

  3. What a lovely gift - double the memories to treasure.

  4. A beautiful and thoughtful parting gift Heather! It will be a true treasure for your friend! I just saw the box you made that Jacque (Lily Pad Quilting) won and think you are amazing!

  5. That's a beautiful box that will certainly remind her of her years in Asia. The blocks inside look beautiful too. What a kind group you belong to.