Monday, 16 March 2015

Quilts in the Neighbourhood - Part 1

While I was in New Zealand, I wanted to get my quilts out of the cupboard and photograph them for my records. I have not been great over the years at getting photos of the quilts I have made so this was my opportunity to start. As I was also in such a picturesque location I decided to make the most of it.

Charming Stars

Running Bargello
This quilt is an example of 'I am not perfect' as there is a mistake in it that I did not see while I was making it!

I am calling this quilt the 'Grab It Quilt' as this one gets pulled out of the cupboard if the family are looking for some extra warmth during the winter.

Ragged Flannels

Memories of Family Sampler

Hearts on the Table

Have a great week


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  1. What a good idea to photograph them while you were home. What a beautiful setting too. It's all so peaceful beside the lake. And what lovely quilts. It's always useful to have a range of shapes and sizes for different weather conditions. It was a lot colder here last night so I pulled a medium weight Kaffe Fasset out of the cupboard just for me.

  2. You are right, the setting is beautiful. So you have pretty pictures along with documenting your quilts. Now, do all of them have labels?

  3. Beautiful quilts in beautiful surrounding. Some of them are familiar but some are new to me!