Friday, 27 March 2015

Designing and Making the Indigo Orchid Quilt

One of the flowers I enjoy the most with living in Singapore is the Orchid. Singapore is also famous for its orchid garden which is situated inside the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Last year while taking a friend through the gardens I enjoyed taking photos of the orchids. There is so much beauty in these flowers so I decided to design an abstract quilt using an orchid. I was keen to use the indigo fabrics that originate from Japan. I went to the Singapore Fabric Market and picked out a selection of fabrics to use in the flower.

I drew the flower onto paper to the size of the finished quilt

I worked with each petal and drew the details onto paper so that I could paper piece each petal. The design was traced onto tear-away and I worked on this to put the petal together.

Eventually I had 5 petals complete. I bound each petal and combined them to form the flower.

A centre was appliquéd into position and the flower was appliquéd onto a raw silk fabric.

The flower is machine quilted and the background hand quilted with silk thread and embellished with beads.

With the binding on and the quilt finished it was off to the park with quilt and camera to get some photos.

Eventually I found this tree trunk to hang the quilt on for a suitable picture.

I can now tick this quilt off the list that I put up of quilts to finish in the first quarter of 2015 along with Adrianne from On the Windy Side.
Have a great week


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Heather. Thank you for showing us the whole process. I find the artistic process in works like this very interesting.

  2. The orchid is really lovely Heather, when I saw your first photos I wondered how you would get an orchid, now I know :) What size did it finish at?

  3. Beautiful work Heather - such detail. I love orchids and if we ever make it to Singapore that garden would be on my list to see. But the mention of the fabric market had me drooling.

  4. You must like orchids a lot to go to all the work to design such a detailed pattern! The foundation paper-piecing is intense! Love the spots of aqua, to make the design pop. And the place you photographed it is lovely. You did a really nice job, Heather!

  5. Wow, that's amazing Heather - so much work in all that paper piecing, but such a good outcome. It really is beautiful.

  6. Incredible! What a lotta work. Bob wants to know if you're in the "amazing" business? :)

  7. I loved seeing the process of how you made this amazing quilt.

  8. Love the end result - glad I was there to see the work in progress

  9. wow, that is amazing! Thanks for the insight into your process, I wouldn't know where to begin!

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