Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Box to store 12" Quilting Blocks

Due to so many of our Quilting group travelling before Christmas we decided a New Years party was more appropriate. Part of our party, is the gift exchange, which with a group of talented creative ladies, is always so much fun. For my gift, making a box was a done thing, but what sort of box? I had been thinking of the blocks that we slowly make and gather before we put them all into a quilt. Usually they get stuffed into a plastic bag and thrown into the cupboard, so here was my opportunity to think of a better way to store them. 

I made the box 13" square

I incorporated covered elastic straps in the base to hold the blocks in place. I used silk fabric from Vietnam to line the inside of the box.

I incorporated storage areas in the lid.

A zipped pouch

A book with felt pages for needles and pins

A pocket for a pattern, pencil, scissors and a rotary cutter.

I covered the box with a Japanese Indigo cotton

And this was the gift I received. He is so adorable and now sits on my table and gets stabbed with pins for time to time!

Have a great week.


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  1. That's such a beautiful, and practical, box Heather!

  2. That is beautiful, and creative, and so useful! Lucky person to receive that as a gift.