Friday, 18 December 2015

Finished Projects Catch Up

This blog post is a catch up for the last few months so a little photo heavy.  I have been in my sewing room but have not taken the time to stop and blog about each item therefore I wanted to get the post out before I shut the sewing room door and head off to New Zealand for the summer. Recently I have been working on a lot of smaller projects.

This bag I made from a Betz White pattern-Smile and Wave Tote Bag

The Doctors bag is made with a metal frame insert to give it the shape.

Another smaller frame inserted bag.

This bag is made with a laminated Kaffe Bassett fabric

This bag is made from a cotton canvas. 
I also enjoyed the Craftsy class from Sara Lawson-Building Better Bags.

For my hand project I started Scandinavian Christmas by Lynette Anderson

Currently I have finished the 4 appliqué blocks.

A box to keep my cake forks in.

My Christmas gift this year for our Quilting Group was a portfolio box which is able to take a book or a quilting project.

Inside the box is a zipped pouch to hold pens or sewing supplies.

This sewing box was made and sent to Cottage Flair in New Zealand where I will teach a class in January.

Have a great week.


Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Result of a Workshop with Noriko Endo

Recently I had the opportunity to spend 2 days in a workshop with Noriko Endo as she travelled from Japan to spend time teaching in Singapore and parts of Asia. The workshop taught us how to make a quilt based on nature through her 'confetti' method.

I started by laying a backing fabric down with a piece of cotton batting on top. Using my photo from a visit to the Dandenong mountains, I started cutting fabric up into small slithers and virtually used them as paint to cover the area.

I started with the background and layered the piece.

The piece was covered with black mesh fabric and quilted heavily in a mono-filament thread to hold all the fabric secure. 

The quilt was then quilted with decorative thread.

Noriko's book, Confetti Naturscapes, is full of pictures from her award winning work.

Noriko with some of the class before we left after our 2 day workshop. I named my quilt Dandenong Walk.

Have a great week


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Making a Highland Avenue House

Recently I tested a pattern for Sara from Radiant Home Studio. The pattern is called Highland Avenue House and it is a decorative pillow. 

I thought about where I could put this pillow in my home before I chose the fabrics to make the pillow. I felt that it would brighten up my guest room so I looked in my stash and chose fabrics to compliment the decor of this room.

I used Misty Fuse to appliqué the windows, doors and heart onto the house. I did not do raw edge appliqué as on Sara's pattern and chose to turn under the edges and then machine stitch the pieces down.

Highland Avenue House pattern is now for sale on Sara's web site, Radiant Home Studio.

Have a great week

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Jungle Pottery Completed

It was many years ago that a group of quilting girls sat around a table with a pattern called The Blue Collection from Maggie Walker Designs. As we were living in Asia, working with this quilt seemed to cement our love for the pottery that we saw on a regular basis. There was a lot of work in this quilt and a massive amount if you decided to hand appliqué the entire quilt!

We all started out enthusiastically working on each pottery jar block, enjoying our search for the right fabric for each piece of pottery.

This project got packed away as my home moved, and it came out again once I returned to Asia with a promise that I WILL get these blocks into a quilt.

I took the original pattern and altered it to make it something I was happy with. 

I decided to make the tree more of a  feature in this quilt. I walk past these trees as I go through the park.

My plan was to go into the park and take a photo of the quilt. Unfortunately for the last month this has been the view out of my sewing room window. Smoke haze from the land clearing that takes place every year in Sumartra Indonesia. 

This is the view from my sewing room on a good day.

Now Jungle Pottery can find a place on my wall so that it can be enjoyed with all its memories. 

Jungle Pottery quilt size is 57" (143cm) x 61" (155cm)
Background - machine pieced
Applique - machine
Quilting - free motion

Jungle Pottery is a Q3 finish with Adrianne from On the Windy Side.

Have a great week


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Making an Orchid box for the Appliqué Blocks

It was time to say goodbye to one of the Tuesday quilt girls as she packs up and heads back to her American home. She has come to love the Botanical gardens here in Singapore especially the amazing Orchid enclosure, therefore her gift needed to be themed with Orchids. 

The girls worked really hard and each produced an 8" block containing an appliqué orchid.

My gift wrapping came in the form of a handmade box but this time I covered it with photos of orchids which I had taken when I was doing research for my Orchid quilt.

Inside I lined the box with Japanese rice paper.

I know this gift has gone to a home where it will be cherished with all the memories from a small group of ladies that enjoy quilting in Singapore.

Have a great week.


Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Little Bit Country completed.

A Little Bit Country all started from a workshop with Kaffe and Brandon in Whakatane, New Zealand on January 2014. The quilt pattern they taught was Garden Chintz from the book Kaffe Quilts Again. This quilt is my interpretation of the pattern where I used many Nutex New Zealand prints.

You can read all about the class here

I sent the quilt to Jessie, a longarm quilter for the quilting.

I found a Philip Jacobs fabric for the backing which worked in well.

This quilt is now ticked off the Q3 Finish Along link up with On the Windy Side.
Also linking with Pink Doxies Pet Projects

Have a great week.


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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Where have you been?

Lately I have not been blogging or in my sewing room as I have travelled to opposite corners of the world. Living in Singapore makes me feel in the centre of the world. My first trip was to England. Unfortunately the main reason for the visit was to visit a friend from my youth that is terminally ill. One exciting thing about the trip was being back in London where I worked in Oxford St as a pattern cutter in my 20's. One of the places I used to frequent was the Liberty store, so it was with great excitement that I headed off to Regent St and once I came up out of the subway and saw Piccadilly Circus I knew I had arrived!

How exciting to see  
that the Liberty business has continued to grow, but still keep the need for quality. The Liberty building just oozes with character from the minute you see it. The business was started in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty and the mock-Tudor building was built in 1924. The address is Regent Street but I found the entrance on Great Marlborough St. 

As I walked in through the front entrance I was greeted by an amazing maypole made from strips of liberty fabric falling from the roof down 3 floors. I really enjoyed that I was under no time pressure as I needed lots of time to soak up all the items on each floor. I went through the fabric section many times! I do not think many companies have managed to beat Liberty for the quality they have in their cotton fabric. I had researched about the Tana Lawn and how it is made without crease resistant chemicals or irritating allergens and the use of ultra fine long staple cotton. Once you handle the silky cotton it is like nothing else. I did walk out with a length of their Tana cotton and resisted overbuying as it was so tempting once you are in the shop, but the price per metre helped!

Over the many years of living as an expat and being involved with quilting groups means you meet and make some great friends and this has been one of the bonuses in my expat life. Of course this also means that quilting friends travel too and end up in all corners of the world, and they make perfect people to stay with as you get taken to quilting shops!

Cowslips Workshops was so intriguing as it was on a farm in the country and there in the paddocks was a cafe, shop, rooms for workshops and an area that houses exhibitions. I was so engrossed with the whole place that photos did not happen so this is the web site for the photos. Janet Bolton had an exhibition when we visited. I was fascinated by her work and spent a lot of time intrigued by the effects from work that appears to have such simplicity. 

I had to share this photo from Plymouth, England

My next flight was to New Zealand, the other corner of the world and into the icy winter wind which was a nice change from the Singapore heat. I managed to take a weekend away from house maintenance and head to the Mahurangi coast in the upper North Island, where my childhood Christmas holidays where spent. One of my favourite places to visit is James & Morris Pottery. Anthony (Ant) Morris and Sue James started the business in 1977 and it is great to see it still going strong today. The pottery is truly unique and a nice reflection of New Zealand's craft heritage.

The New Zealand winter sun still makes a visit to the beach pleasant.

Have a great week


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