Friday, 17 October 2014

Work from the Sewing Room.

It has taken me a bit more than 2 weeks but I have now managed to turn my deciduous tree into an evergreen tree by using Misty fuse and machine appliquéing the leaves onto the tree. I also added some birds and butterflies that were in a fabric that I purchased as I wanted to add some life into my tree. Now I can move onto constructing the outside borders.

I was interested to see on-line a famous Japanese quilter selling a book in the English language so I was very happy when Japanese Quilting piece by piece arrived in my post.

It contains 29 projects. 12 are bags, 3 quilts and some appliqué designs made into a cushion a small box and a thread tray.

The book is full of great photography.

102 pages of detailed instructions. It is currently on sale, so hop on over to the Interweave Store to find a copy.

Recently I purchased this Japanese made cotton voile from Bernina Craft Centre, Singapore and turned it into a kaftan top by lining it with a burgundy cotton voile.


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