Monday, 29 September 2014

A Box for the TV Remotes and Some.

I pulled out of my stash a fabric painted square that I had bought many years ago in a craft market in New Zealand. I love how I can keep something until I can find a good use for it. I decided this square was the perfect size to make a new box to sit on the coffee table to store those wonderful entertainment system remotes.

The remotes hide nicely inside the box.

I had bought some tissues that did not look very nice sitting on the bathroom bench in their plastic cover. A also had some nice leaf paper so measured the tissue pack and cut board to make a box that was big enough to take the tissue pack.

I made this box to cover the tissue box using bookbinding cloth and decorative paper.


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  1. Hi Heather

    Hi from Levin, New Zealand. Just found your blog through Quilting Gallery. Love the box you have made with the painted Kiwi panel. I have a panel like this, different colours though, which I made into a mini quilt and it is hanging in our caravan.
    Check out: