Monday, 29 September 2014

A Box for the TV Remotes and Some.

I pulled out of my stash a fabric painted square that I had bought many years ago in a craft market in New Zealand. I love how I can keep something until I can find a good use for it. I decided this square was the perfect size to make a new box to sit on the coffee table to store those wonderful entertainment system remotes.

The remotes hide nicely inside the box.

I had bought some tissues that did not look very nice sitting on the bathroom bench in their plastic cover. A also had some nice leaf paper so measured the tissue pack and cut board to make a box that was big enough to take the tissue pack.

I made this box to cover the tissue box using bookbinding cloth and decorative paper.


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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Visiting with the Tuesday Quilting Group

The girls that I quilt with on Tuesday agreed that you could have a peek at the things they are currently working on, so I have taken some photos to share with you. We are a small group of ladies representing 7 countries, and meet together once a week. 

Ms K is now hand quilting her quilt that is all hand pieced.

Ms S started with some scraps from her stash and commenced sewing hexagons together.

Ms H arrived with a quilt sewn together and ready to machine quilt.

Ms M came with an embroidery and is also working on this 'Trip Around the World' which is all hand pieced.

Ms K has also been inspired to start sewing hexagons together.

Ms H is hand quilting a Laurel Burch Christmas panel.

Ms E is currently away but we know she is working on another Blooming Nine Patch quilt.

Handmade bags that came to quilting with the girls.

These are the hexagon stamps that the girls are using to make their hexagons from, so no English paper piecing for them.


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Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Quilting Pioneers of Singapore - Quilts and Friends

Re located on 17th August 2015
Quilts and Friends
 is now located at 
1 Coleman St
#03-09 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
Ph. 63361566

The shop is called Quilts and Friends. Brigitte was born in Germany, with parents from France and Switzerland. In 1995 she relocated with her family to Singapore.

Quilts and Friends is located at 1 Coleman St, #03-09 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803.

Who Introduced you to the sewing, crafting world and at what age?

While I was at school in Switzerland I did crafts at the age of 8. My mother did sewing and knitting at home as she had 4 children to clothe. I can remember doing patchwork for my nephews and nieces, and my first quilting class was with a teacher called Hanni Schmidt.

Did you train or study sewing, or design?

I trained in Mechanics as a Draughts-women. When I came to Singapore I joined quilting classes at the shop called Quilts n Sew Forth.

When did you start a business?

When I arrived in Singapore I joined a quilting group and I was able to get employment in the quilting shop called Quilts n Sew Forth. I purchased the business in 2000 from Monique.

How long have you worked in retail?

In 1999 I started teaching and working in Quilts n Sew Forth in Tanglin Shopping Centre. In November 2005 I moved the shop to Aliwal Street. In 2008 I closed Quilts n Sew Forth  and opened Quilts and Friends at Tan Boon Liat building.

What services does your business offer?

I make custom made quilts especially T-Shirt quilts where we make the clients personal T-Shirts into a quilt. I also take children's art and photo transfer it onto fabric to incorporate it into a personal quilt. I teach quilting classes. We offer a hand quilting and a longarm machine quilting service. We also sell Bernina and Brother sewing machines.

What challenges do you find running a Quilt shop?

I like challenges as I like to solve problems so I would not call it a challenge. For me a better word would be 'frustrations', which would be the frustration of people wanting everything fast and cheap.

What do you enjoy about your Quilting business?

I like meeting people and especially teaching a beginners class in Quilting. I really like watching the students learn a skill and then using it to grow and develop in the quilting world.

Thanks Brigitte it was a real pleasure talking with you

Quilts and Friends
1 Coleman St
#03-09 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
Ph. 63361566


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Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Quilting Pioneers of Singapore - Quilts 'n Calicoes

Quilts 'N Calicoes 
Sadly Ira passed away on 17th October 2016
She will be greatly missed from the Singapore Quilt world.

Today we are going to visit Ira, her shop is called Quilts 'n Calicoes. Ira was born in Calcutta, India and at the age of 18 years, while studying in Delhi, met and eloped with her husband. They came to Singapore which was home for him. Later they also lived in Australia. 

Who introduced you to the sewing and crafting world and at what age?

My first memory is probably about the age of 3 when I sat at the table with my sisters while my mother taught us. She taught me embroidery, knitting, hardanger and how to make soft toys. She is a very creative woman and at the age of 84 years is still sewing.

Did you train or study sewing or design?

I never trained in a college. I did spend time painting as an artist and having leaned to knit well by age 5, I did a lot of knitting of hats in the early years?

When did you start a business?

From 18 years old I was making crafts for the Dutch Charity Bazaar. When I had just passed my 21st birthday my husband, of three years had a massive stroke. I had 2 children to bring up and I suddenly became the breadwinner for the family. At home I made crafts and sold them at Bazaars and also to the ANZA Forces.

How long have you worked in retail?

I have been in retail full time for 27 years. My first shop was at River Walk Galleria, where my shop was named Quilts 'n Calicoes, the same name that I still have today, and it has always been 'Calicoes' spelt with an 'e'. In 1994 I moved to Coronation Plaza, then onto Holland Village and now I am in Tanglin Mall.

What services does you business offer?

I offer hand quilting where I have a group of girls in Indonesia that will hand quilt your quilt. This gives the girls the opportunity to support their families. I also have ladies in the Philippines that do hand quilting. I take the quilts to the girls and discuss with them the quilting design. I also offer a longarm machine quilting serve. We also have a Basting service and run Knitting, Crochet and Quilting classes.

What challenges do you find running a Quilting shop?

Delivery of fabric in a timely manner is my biggest challenge. The customer base is always changing and today buyers want cheap over good quality.

What do you enjoy about your Quilting business?

I enjoy meeting people. Also the friends I have made over the years of being in business. I love seeing the new fabrics, designing, making quilts and being surrounded by fabric.

Drop back next Thursday to read about other Pioneer Quilters in Singapore.


Monday, 8 September 2014

Work in Progress

The blue and white pottery quilt has now gone from a UFO (Un Finished Object) to a WIP (Work In Progress). So far I have a deciduous tree that I will now attempt to turn into an evergreen tree over the next few weeks.

I also covered a Quilters Sewing Box with a Snow Leopard Design print fabric and passed it onto its new owner. 


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Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Singapore Pioneer Quilters- Bernina Craft Centre

 For many years Singapore has enjoyed a very strong quilting industry. I would like to introduce you to some of these people. Today we have the pleasure of talking to Rosie from Bernina Craft Centre in Grandlink Square.

Bernina Craft Centre is located in Grandlink Square on the 3rd floor. 511 Guillemard Rd, Singapore 399849

Who introduced you to the sewing crafting world and at what age?

My mother was a dressmaker therefore I grew up with sewing in the home. While I was in school my teacher taught me to do patchwork.

Did you train or study sewing and design?

When I left school I worked in Electronics and after work I would attend dressmaking and sewing classes. I left the electronics industry and went to Japan where I attended a dressmaking course.

 When did you start a business?

In the late 70’s I was assisting a friend with teaching dressmaking classes. During this time I came in contact with Jerry who was working in his father’s business selling Swiss products and part of that business was Bernina.

How long have you worked in retail?

Over 30 years. In 1981 Jerry asked me to join his father’s company selling Bernina machines.  In 1984 the company was known as Motivac Marketing Services and we were based at the President Merlin Hotel. I attended patchwork classes given by Monique who had opened a shop called Quilts n Sew Forth. I was able to introduce Monique to the Bernina Sewing Machine. In August 1984 we opened a quilting shop and called it Dreams in Quilts in the Tanjong Katong Complex. In 2001 we moved to Grandlink Square where we are currently located. Bernina has now allowed us to name the shop Bernina Craft Centre.

What services does your business offer?

We are the agents for Bernina sewing machines therefore we sell and service Bernina machines. We sell Bernina machines to the Singapore Secondary Schools. I take classes at the National Institute of Education where we train the students that are studying to teach Home Economics. We also run sewing classes in the shop.

 What challenges do you find running a quilting shop?

The challenge is to keep learning and to keep up with product information, sourcing patterns and correct products.

What do you enjoy about your quilting business?

I enjoy meeting people and doing something I love along with learning new things.

Thanks Rosie it was a real pleasure talking with you.

Bernina Craft Centre
511 Guillemard Rd
#03-07 Grandlink Square
Singapore 399849
Phone 67438177

Drop back next Thursday to read about other Pioneer Quilters in Singapore.


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