Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Replenishing a Tropical Wardrobe

Living in the tropics means you only ever wear summer clothes. It sounds wonderful but you have the same clothes everyday looking at you from your wardrobe. I have spent the last few weeks sewing some clothes to replace the ones that wear out with constant laundering. After living here for many years natural fibres are what I find easy and comfortable to wear therefore I search out linen and cotton fabrics. I have a few basic patterns that I work from as I know they fit well.

Cotton Print Top

 I found some beaded ribbon to sew around the neckline.

A top made using a Kaffe Fassett print

Cotton Print Dress

Striped linen top

Basic linen dress. Great with beads.

Linen top and Linen trousers
I admire anyone that can take a photo of themselves modelling clothes! You are lucky to get this one! One lady that does such a good job of modelling her clothes is Sylvia. I enjoy reading her blog 40+ Style.

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  1. Your new clothes look lovely Heather. I especially like the Kaffe Fassett top of course. It's one thing to quilt, but another thing entirely to make your own clothes. You must be very clever on the sewing machine. Thanks also for the link to Sylvia's blog - it's very interesting too.

  2. I love your new wardrobe and my eyes also caught the Kaffe Fassett top first. You are indeed very clever!

  3. I love your new clothes. I just started sewing for myself again. Just made two shirts and they fit.
    I will have to post photos on my blog which i haven,t written anything in in months.

  4. So nice to "see" you! Great job on your new clothes -- I know exactly -- exactly! -- what you mean about wearing the same Summer items day after day. And your blue & white pottery blocks sure look familiar.