Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How I Made my Design Wall

I have quilted for many years but have never had a design wall to work on and didn't appreciate how valuable they are as they help heaps when you are trying to put a design together. Thankfully I currently have a nice big wall in my sewing room that is perfect for a design wall so I went off to the Art Store and purchased some Polystyrene panels and some double sided mount tape and set about putting a wall together.

 I purchased 8 large Polystyrene panels, some mounting tape and double sided tape

 I put mount tape on the corners of the polystyrene boards.

Then I covered the wall with the boards by sticking them to the wall.

 The wall soon became covered with the boards.

 Next was to cover the board with 100% Cotton Batting as this sticks to the polystyrene boards.

  The cotton batting sticks to the double sided tape on the top of the boards.

I needed to join the cotton batting so did that with the double sided tape so that I had enough batting to cover the wall.

 The sides are secured with pins into the sides of the polystyrene board.

Now I have a completed design wall to work on and the cotton fabric sticks to the cotton batting.            

The wall has inspired me to pull out a UFO from the cupboard that I am encouraged to finish!


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  1. Love your design wall, I would love to make one for my condo wall too. Love your UFO, love the colour and the blocks:))

  2. Hi Heather, I made the quilt you show in the last photo. However, I used a white on white as the background instead of the yellow. I also chose all my own fabrics. it took two years to applique, and 2 to hand quilt. Never again, but I do love it.
    I also made a design wall like yours. Not so big, my problem is I pin to do things to it and bits and pieces and notes. When I lived in a larger house and had more room, I just hung some flannel on the wall and that worked great. I actually nailed to large poster boards to the wall and then covered them with flannel here.

  3. I hope to have a big design wall like you have one of these days too as they really are terrific. Oh well, until then I'll have to do with my small one.

  4. That's very good idea. Inspire me. Thanks Heather ��