Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How I Made my Design Wall

I have quilted for many years but have never had a design wall to work on and didn't appreciate how valuable they are as they help heaps when you are trying to put a design together. Thankfully I currently have a nice big wall in my sewing room that is perfect for a design wall so I went off to the Art Store and purchased some Polystyrene panels and some double sided mount tape and set about putting a wall together.

 I purchased 8 large Polystyrene panels, some mounting tape and double sided tape

 I put mount tape on the corners of the polystyrene boards.

Then I covered the wall with the boards by sticking them to the wall.

 The wall soon became covered with the boards.

 Next was to cover the board with 100% Cotton Batting as this sticks to the polystyrene boards.

  The cotton batting sticks to the double sided tape on the top of the boards.

I needed to join the cotton batting so did that with the double sided tape so that I had enough batting to cover the wall.

 The sides are secured with pins into the sides of the polystyrene board.

Now I have a completed design wall to work on and the cotton fabric sticks to the cotton batting.            

The wall has inspired me to pull out a UFO from the cupboard that I am encouraged to finish!


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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Replenishing a Tropical Wardrobe

Living in the tropics means you only ever wear summer clothes. It sounds wonderful but you have the same clothes everyday looking at you from your wardrobe. I have spent the last few weeks sewing some clothes to replace the ones that wear out with constant laundering. After living here for many years natural fibres are what I find easy and comfortable to wear therefore I search out linen and cotton fabrics. I have a few basic patterns that I work from as I know they fit well.

Cotton Print Top

 I found some beaded ribbon to sew around the neckline.

A top made using a Kaffe Fassett print

Cotton Print Dress

Striped linen top

Basic linen dress. Great with beads.

Linen top and Linen trousers
I admire anyone that can take a photo of themselves modelling clothes! You are lucky to get this one! One lady that does such a good job of modelling her clothes is Sylvia. I enjoy reading her blog 40+ Style.

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