Monday, 14 July 2014

Quilters Sewing Box Pattern now on Craftsy

Over the past months I have been working with the pattern for the Quilters Sewing Box that I designed. I have taken and edited over 60 photos and written 11 pages of instructions. On the weekend I finally got it all together and onto the Craftsy site. The pattern is now available to purchase and download.

The box is made using 2.5mm grey board that is cut with a craft knife into rectangles, and glue into place. Cover the box with your favourite fabric and line the inside with decorative paper. The lid closes to make it nice and compact with your sewing goods secure inside. 

Inside the box is a place for your tools with a compartment for thread, a compartment with a lid for your thimbles, a pin cushion and a magnet to hold your needles.

Flip the lid open to store your piecing on the batting surface.

Fold the lid closed to use the cutting mat

Dome the tab in place to keep the box closed and secure.

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  1. What a clever girl you are!

    1. Thank you, but I think it is a little bit more about, hard work and perseverance

  2. Thanks Marianne, I am enjoying the journey.