Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Cover for the Mac Book Air

I recently decided to swap from an iPad to an 11" Mac Book Air, but I wanted a cover to protect it.

I had a piece of cross stitch that I purchased many years ago from the women that do craft work in the hill tribes in Thailand. This piece of fabric turned out to be the perfect size for the project and I was so happy to finally have a use for it.

I also had some bright fabric from Shanghai that I wanted to use for the lining, so I layered the lining, batting, and the front and back of the cover, cutting them a little bigger than required. I sewed across the top seams of the cover and turned them over so all right sides are showing.

Now the layers were quilted together

I quilted the back using the # 4 stitch on my Bernina machine with a stitch length at 4 and the width at 4, I get a nice wavy line.

  I trimmed the front and back cover down so that it is a little bigger than the Mac book plus 1cm for the seam

Velcro was added to fasten it closed

The seam was covered with a  binding

 This gave me a nice finish for the inside

I turned it inside out and I had my finished padded cover.

 With the top extension folding over to the back, the velcro holds it closed.

 Now it is ready to travel

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  1. Very nice and handy travelling pouch for your newest gadget. I'm not sure if I like the inside or outside better.