Saturday, 22 March 2014

Life with Boxes

I am keen to keep developing my sewing box design so I had some fun making a new box. This time I incorporated a hand painted design that I had sitting in my stash and used a Phillip Jacobs print design for the remainder of the box covering.

The lid folds out to reveal a cutting mat and a flannel mat to work on.

In the box I added a magnetic square for needles, a pin cushion, a box for thimbles, and a place for a cotton reel. I kept the front compartment big enough for scissors and rulers.

A friend was given a gift in a box and she wanted to transform it with the braid that she had purchased so we covered the sides of the box with the embroidered braid, and the edge of the box lid with the narrow ribbon.

The top of the box was covered with matching fabric and then she added a design which was taken from the braid.

The other box she owned was a beautiful lacquered box that came filled with dates and was too lovely to part with.

By making card inserts she now has a box to store all those haberdashery supplies.

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  1. You really transformed that box and those partitions in the date box makes it very handy. Should have thought about that as I threw away a similar box not too long ago. Oh well, next time!!!!

    1. Yes, it is interesting how a plain box can be recycled.

  2. I love what you did with the sewing box and recycled box! It is always a surprise how nice the colours work together!

  3. Just seen your box on Facebook. I'm in the UK, but would really love to make one. Please let me know when pattern will be available.