Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Quilters Sewing Box Revisited

The quilting girls are coming over this week to make a sewing box so I needed to have a box tweaked and ready to go.

First I checked that a pair of scissors would fit into the box. 

 I then covered the inside opened lid in a batting, which meant when you needed to be on the move with your sewing box your current piecing could lie in here ready for next time.

The pin cushion is removable and the magnetic box is great for storing your needles.
The lidded box is perfect for thimbles and other tiny items.

Half of the lid folds to reveal a cutting mat

The lid folds lies on the box and is secured closed with the strap that domes down onto the box.

I am so happy with my new Guillotine as it makes life so much easier when trying to cut that thick card.

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Life with Boxes

I am keen to keep developing my sewing box design so I had some fun making a new box. This time I incorporated a hand painted design that I had sitting in my stash and used a Phillip Jacobs print design for the remainder of the box covering.

The lid folds out to reveal a cutting mat and a flannel mat to work on.

In the box I added a magnetic square for needles, a pin cushion, a box for thimbles, and a place for a cotton reel. I kept the front compartment big enough for scissors and rulers.

A friend was given a gift in a box and she wanted to transform it with the braid that she had purchased so we covered the sides of the box with the embroidered braid, and the edge of the box lid with the narrow ribbon.

The top of the box was covered with matching fabric and then she added a design which was taken from the braid.

The other box she owned was a beautiful lacquered box that came filled with dates and was too lovely to part with.

By making card inserts she now has a box to store all those haberdashery supplies.

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Shopping for Quilting Supplies in Chinatown, Singapore

Updated March 2016
 This is how I get to the fabric shops in People's Park, Chinatown.
I caught the Downtown MRT line to Chinatown and take exit D. This brought me out  beside People's Park Centre. 101 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058357. Turn right and go through the glass opening doors into the shopping complex. These are the shops that I visit in this complex.

Lai Guan Beads Store #01-05 Peoples Park Centre. 
Lai Guan Beads Store
As I entered into the mall on my Left was Lai Guan Beads Mart #01-05. This store has a large selection of charms and beads. 

Next door is Sing Mui Heng Pte Ltd. #01-05A.  A great range of quilting fabrics, supplies, bag making accessories, and beading items. Once you leave Sing Mui Heng take the escalator on your right hand side up to the 2nd floor.

We are now heading to the fabric area of People's Park.

As you come up the escalator from level 1 to level 2 walk straight ahead down this aisle to the back of the building and turn left.

After turning left walk along the aisle directly to the glass opening doors that will take you out of the building. Walk up the stairs and the corridor will turn left.

This over bridge takes you over the road into the Fabric Market.

Walk through the corridor and past the entrance to the OG shop.

Turn right and walk down 1 flight of stairs.

You will then see the very popular Swanston bathroom product store. Walk into this area and walk down the side aisle.

Once you have walked past the beauty area you will enter into the remainder of the floor where fabric stores are located.
Listed below are some of the stores I visit on a regular basis. Most stores do not open until 11.30am so I find the best time to go is in the early afternoon.

Tucked at the end of the building you will find 'Pow Li Specialise in Grinding Knives & Scissors.' #02-1040 Ph 65352450.

This lady did a great job of sharpening my scissors.

T&S stocks some great designer fabrics. #02-1104

Malin Textiles stocks Japanese cotton prints

Teoh Huat Textiles stocks linen. #02-1144

Brighton Accessories has a great range of haberdashery. #02-1158

There are also other interesting shops in this area so I hope you enjoy exploring this area of Singapore.

Have a great week

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Little Bit Country

It is great to be back in the sewing room, and to catch you up with what I have been doing over the past few months.
 One of the highlights of my time spent in New Zealand was having the opportunity to attend a Kaffe Fassett workshop in Whakatane through the quilting shop Pins to Patches located at 46 Domain Rd.
The workshop was based on the pattern Garden Chintz which is in the book 'Kaffe Quilts Again'. 

 I wanted to give myself a challenge and try to incorporate some Kiwiana prints by Nutex in my quilt. 

This was a big challenge as Kaffe uses very large prints in this quilt. It was great having Kaffe and Brandon giving us advise encouraging us to 'just go for it', by cutting 8" squares and placing them on our design walls, standing back and then deciding what worked and what didn't. 

 Everyone had great results.


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