Friday, 27 December 2013

The Wedding Quilt - To Tie the Knot

Over this year I have been working on a quilt to give my son and his wife. They got married at the beginning of the year and time was against me to have a quilt ready for their wedding day.
I liked the theme 'To Tie the Knot' so I went about researching how I could incorporate this into a quilt. 
I drew out a knot and then worked with it to create a quilt design. The colours I used came from colours that they like, and some they had incorporated into their wedding.

  I used  the applique' method and satin stitched the knots to the background fabric 

 Once the quilt top was finished I needed to sandwich the layers together for quilting and this is a King size quilt!

  I decided to use my design wall and extended it to take the quilt. First I hung the backing which sticks well to the cotton batting on the original wall

Then using a ladder I started from the middle and added the cotton batting.

And then the quilt top was added. From here I rolled the quilt off the wall and worked on a table to safety pin it together

  Now it is onto the machine for the machine quilting. I used the walking foot for the echo quilting in the centre of the quilt and decided to stand at my table to machine, as it gave me more strength for lifting the quilt.

I did free motion quilting around the border of the quilt

 The finished quilt

 All packed up and ready to give away.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Birthday Cards for the Girls

December is a real birthday month in our family and makes for a busy month of gift giving.

We will all be together this week so I have made 2 cards for the girls in the family.

 I took my 1mm card and covered it with decorative paper

 I cut out letters from the 1mm card and covered them with plain paper. Glued them onto the card and then embellished the card.

 The inside of the card is covered with plain paper and some embellishment.

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Quilters Sewing Box

The Quilting group I am part of had a Christmas lunch this week and part of the event is to bring a gift. I had been working on designing a sewing box that you could take with you to a quilt group which would hold the things you are sewing and would also give you room to cut and organise your piecing. 

This was the perfect time to perfect my idea and to come up with a design. I managed to purchase a small cutting mat, so this dictated the size that the finished box would be, which meant  it became an ideal size to put in a bag.

I also needed another gift for a Girls Christmas night out so I put some stationary in this box and the recipient was delighted with her gift.

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