Saturday, 16 November 2013

Post Cards in the Mail

It was a good feeling this week to finish and post the fabric post cards to the members in the Postmar'd Art group in the current exchange that has taken place over the last few months.  The theme that I chose to trade in for this round was Teapots and the Deck of Cards that will continue through next year until we get a full suit.

The King of Hearts and the 4 of Hearts where the 2 themes I had to interpret into fabric post cards.
I found some red and gold fabric in a shop in Arab Street. How could I interpret the "King of Hearts"? I remembered a movie I had seen many years ago called the King and I, so I searched the internet for images and found this great picture that captured the moment. I printed the images onto the printable cotton fabric that I purchased from a local quilt shop and then trimmed it with the red fabric and added a gold heart.

I was now onto the 4 of Hearts so I decided to work with the same read fabric as I loved the gold design, and as we were heading into Christmas this fabric seemed perfect.

I used Heat n Bond lite, to fuse the hearts onto the fabric.

As I had 6 cards to make I made an overlay of where I wanted the hearts to be on the cards so that I could position them in place before ironing.

  Once the hearts where in place I added some stitching lines to give the card some design. Tear Away was used to stabilise the fabric. 

The number 4 was cut out with scissors and a craft scalpel which worked a treat for the tricky inside

To give the cards stiffness I ironed it to a stiff fusing that I use when making bags.

With the front finished I now needed a back for the cards. 
 The fabric was cut to a A4 size and ironed to the stiff fusing which meant it would go through my computer for printing.

The fabric was cut to post card size 

And sandwiched together on my machine, which badly needs a service as it is not behaving, but I can not part with it yet!

For the Teapots post cards,I found this image of the Japanese cast iron teapots in my local paper and loved their rustic look. In my fabric drawer I had a great piece of hand dyed fabric that would give the card the rustic image I was looking for. I added an old Chinese coin and some wooden beads to finish off the card.

 What products do you use to make the fabric art cards firm?

Thanks for the visit.

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