Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Karen's Singapore Quilt

It is never enjoyable when we have to say good bye to one of the girls in our Tuesday quilt group but this is something that we all have to accept in this lifestyle. The important thing is the time that we have been able to spend with them. Part of the enjoyment of saying good bye is the opportunity  to work together on a quilt top to give to the leaving person. The group decided on an Asian theme, beige fabric as the background, indigo's as the main fabric with rust red being the feature fabric. The blocks where then put into position and this was the result.

 We also needed to wrap the quilt as a gift so I went to my card pile and pulled out a 1mm sheet of card and cut it into this shape

 This meant I had the base for the folded quilt to sit on, 1" for sides and then the flaps that would fold over to enclose the box. I scored with a knife along the fold lines on the outside of the box.

A decorative paper was then pasted on the inside of the box and trimmed to size.

The outside of the box was then covered with bookbinding fabric.

I allowed a 1cm fold over on all the outside edges that were folded over and pasted to the inside.

The quilt top now ready to give to Karen.

 We will miss you but best wishes in your new location.

Thanks for the visit

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