Monday, 29 July 2013

The Recovered and Restored Bible

A few years ago now, my husband and I were presented with a Bible at our wedding ceremony. This Bible has travelled extensively and has been an important part of our lives but it was now falling apart. While living in Rotorua, N.Z. I was able to take classes with Robin and learnt the art of bookbinding. Recently I finally plucked up the courage to tackle recovering the book.

The original cover was looking a bit sad so I removed it completely and was left with the stitched pages.

It had gold writing on the cover and I did not want to loose the words so I printed the words out on the computer and then using white carbon I transferred the lettering onto the silver bookbinding cloth.

Using scissors I carefully cut the letters out of the fabric and placed them into position on the bookbinding fabric that I was covering the book with. I pasted these into position.

Using a silver metallic thread in my machine and lowering the feed dogs meant I was able to free motion stitch around the edge of each letter to secure it in place.

The  card was then glued onto the fabric and I was able to complete the covering of the book and it turned out great, thanks to a good teacher.

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