Wednesday, 17 July 2013

For the love of Linen

After living in the tropics for many years linen has become the fabric that I love to wear. I have garments that have lasted many years as this fabric is cool to wear and so robust and durable.

Last week I went to Arab St to look for some linen to make some clothing and found a shop that had a great selection of natural fibre fabrics which included  linen fabric in different weights and also printed linen. I have since washed the linen, which feels very stiff when you purchase it, but it has washed well and is nice to handle.

The shop is V.K. Abdulsamad & Co. 
66 Arab Street.

I also had some raw silk in my stash so decided to make a dress with the fabric and line it with a cotton voile but wanted to incorporate a feature zip in the back. I went to Sing Mui Heng Ltd in Peoples Park Centre to see what I could find and they had metal zips where you could choose a charm attachment from the selection they had and this was the result.


  Off back to the sewing room.

Thanks for the visit.

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