Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Venture into Postmark'd Art

Recently I joined a group called Postmark'd Art. This group consists of fibre artists that make post card sized art 4"x6". It is amazing what some of these ladies can fit on a post card this size. I decided that this group would be a good challenge to develop my skills. I found this challenge a lot harder than I thought but hopefully with practice it will get a little easier. We had themes to choose from so the one I chose was, Black and White.  As I live in Singapore and the Historic Black and White houses are very famous here and one of our quilting girls lives in Emerald Hill which has amazing restored historic homes so I decided to base my postcard around these houses. I now have completed and posted 5 cards that are flying off around the world.

Thanks for the visit

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  1. Oh wow, Heather. It turned out lovely! I'm sure the recipients will be very happy with it.
    PS: Love your new header by the way! It looks great.