Friday, 27 December 2013

The Wedding Quilt - To Tie the Knot

Over this year I have been working on a quilt to give my son and his wife. They got married at the beginning of the year and time was against me to have a quilt ready for their wedding day.
I liked the theme 'To Tie the Knot' so I went about researching how I could incorporate this into a quilt. 
I drew out a knot and then worked with it to create a quilt design. The colours I used came from colours that they like, and some they had incorporated into their wedding.

  I used  the applique' method and satin stitched the knots to the background fabric 

 Once the quilt top was finished I needed to sandwich the layers together for quilting and this is a King size quilt!

  I decided to use my design wall and extended it to take the quilt. First I hung the backing which sticks well to the cotton batting on the original wall

Then using a ladder I started from the middle and added the cotton batting.

And then the quilt top was added. From here I rolled the quilt off the wall and worked on a table to safety pin it together

  Now it is onto the machine for the machine quilting. I used the walking foot for the echo quilting in the centre of the quilt and decided to stand at my table to machine, as it gave me more strength for lifting the quilt.

I did free motion quilting around the border of the quilt

 The finished quilt

 All packed up and ready to give away.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Birthday Cards for the Girls

December is a real birthday month in our family and makes for a busy month of gift giving.

We will all be together this week so I have made 2 cards for the girls in the family.

 I took my 1mm card and covered it with decorative paper

 I cut out letters from the 1mm card and covered them with plain paper. Glued them onto the card and then embellished the card.

 The inside of the card is covered with plain paper and some embellishment.

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Quilters Sewing Box

The Quilting group I am part of had a Christmas lunch this week and part of the event is to bring a gift. I had been working on designing a sewing box that you could take with you to a quilt group which would hold the things you are sewing and would also give you room to cut and organise your piecing. 

This was the perfect time to perfect my idea and to come up with a design. I managed to purchase a small cutting mat, so this dictated the size that the finished box would be, which meant  it became an ideal size to put in a bag.

I also needed another gift for a Girls Christmas night out so I put some stationary in this box and the recipient was delighted with her gift.

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Secret Surprise Christmas House Tutorial

I have had some fun over the past few weeks developing an idea I had for these cute little houses as I thought they would look great sitting on a Christmas table with a little treat inside, but how to get the treats inside! This is what I managed to put together.

To make this house I used 2.5mm card stock (grey card). Cut out the house pattern (this link will take you to the pattern)

 Score the fold lines with a knife. This is now the outside of the house.

 Paste and cover the inside of the house with a decorative paper and trim the paper level with the card.

Fold the sides of the house up so they meet and using pre pasted paper tape or scotch tape, secure the sides together  

  Using your house pattern trace around it on a piece of fabric that will cover the outside of your house. Now ADD 1 cm around all the pattern before you cut it out.

  Glue the base of the house into the middle of the fabric

Clip the 1cm seam allowance into the corner. Glue the sides on and wrap the excess around the sides of the house. Clip the top so it will over lap and go inside the house

Fold in the 1cm seam allowance and clip in 1cm at the roof break point

Glue the front and back. Glue and fold the fabric inside the box over the point. You will need to mitre this for a nice point

 Glue the 2 roof pieces onto the roof fabric and cut out leaving a 1cm seam all around 
Cut the corners off the fabric to make it easier to mitre, as you glue it to the card.

 I use this bone folder to flatten the fabric in position, and I would not be without it!

 Cut 2 pieces of fabric (6.5cm x 3cm) to attach the roof pieces to the house and then turn the edges under 1cm on both sides. This is your hinge

 Take 1 hinge and fold in 1/2, glue 1/2 of the hinge inside the house. Repeat on the opposite side 

 Position the roof onto the house and then glue the remainder of the hinge into position. A bit fiddly but you will get there. 
Cut 2 pieces of decorative paper to cover the inside of your roof. Glue these into position.

  Cut 2 pieces of ribbon and glue to the outside of the roof

 Cut a piece of ribbon to go around the ribbon on the roof and tie together to pull the roof closed
Now decorate the house with doors, windows and any other embellishment that you fancy

And fill with sweets for a special surprise

You now have your own little house

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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Post Cards in the Mail

It was a good feeling this week to finish and post the fabric post cards to the members in the Postmar'd Art group in the current exchange that has taken place over the last few months.  The theme that I chose to trade in for this round was Teapots and the Deck of Cards that will continue through next year until we get a full suit.

The King of Hearts and the 4 of Hearts where the 2 themes I had to interpret into fabric post cards.
I found some red and gold fabric in a shop in Arab Street. How could I interpret the "King of Hearts"? I remembered a movie I had seen many years ago called the King and I, so I searched the internet for images and found this great picture that captured the moment. I printed the images onto the printable cotton fabric that I purchased from a local quilt shop and then trimmed it with the red fabric and added a gold heart.

I was now onto the 4 of Hearts so I decided to work with the same read fabric as I loved the gold design, and as we were heading into Christmas this fabric seemed perfect.

I used Heat n Bond lite, to fuse the hearts onto the fabric.

As I had 6 cards to make I made an overlay of where I wanted the hearts to be on the cards so that I could position them in place before ironing.

  Once the hearts where in place I added some stitching lines to give the card some design. Tear Away was used to stabilise the fabric. 

The number 4 was cut out with scissors and a craft scalpel which worked a treat for the tricky inside

To give the cards stiffness I ironed it to a stiff fusing that I use when making bags.

With the front finished I now needed a back for the cards. 
 The fabric was cut to a A4 size and ironed to the stiff fusing which meant it would go through my computer for printing.

The fabric was cut to post card size 

And sandwiched together on my machine, which badly needs a service as it is not behaving, but I can not part with it yet!

For the Teapots post cards,I found this image of the Japanese cast iron teapots in my local paper and loved their rustic look. In my fabric drawer I had a great piece of hand dyed fabric that would give the card the rustic image I was looking for. I added an old Chinese coin and some wooden beads to finish off the card.

 What products do you use to make the fabric art cards firm?

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